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Smoking plays an integral part in the gameplay. Sam can smoke up to three cigarettes per stage. The cigarettes do have an effect on the game, as enemy robots will react to the flame when you toss the cigarette and will come at you in attack. To toss a cigarette, you must be behind cover and press the button assigned to the thrust control.

  • An achievement is awarded for killing 2 enemy robots that have been distracted by a thrown cigarette
  • An achievement is awarded for smoking ten cigarettes and tossing them at enemy robots; as this distracts them and allows you to more easily destroy them.
  • It is recommended that you complete this achievement on Level 1 between stages 1 - 8. As this level has the most stages and therefore you can throw the most cigarettes. Three cigarettes per stage adds up to twenty-four throughout level 1, giving you plenty of chances to get this achievement.

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