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Larger than the Gorgies, the Romanov stands twice again Sam's height in the game. Throughout Vanquish they come in many different forms with a number of armaments. Damaging the head will hurt a Romanov but destroying it will still leave the robot standing. They can use a chest weapon like the transformed Argus but on a smaller scale and behaving almost exactly like the LFE Gun instead of a laser. It is still capable of killing Sam in one shot on higher difficulties though. Another shared weapon with the Argus is the eye laser that sweeps a continuous beam across an area in one direction. Many forms have weak spots in the form of red cores on their backs. Shooting them in that area kills them much faster.

Romanov-Ds have added armor and spikes and two drill arms. The drill ends of the arms are capable of being launched at enemies like slower moving rockets before the Romanov replaces them with another set. They can drill into nearly any surface to rapidly move underground before violently popping up underneath the enemy.

Romanov-Fs have a spiked mace in their left arms and a flamethrower attached to their right, with the fuel carried
on their backs. These fuel tanks are the Romanov-F's weak spot. Shooting the tank enough times will cause it to explode, and will finish off the Romanov.

Romanov-Ns have a rocket launcher on their right arms and a clawed left one. In close range the Romanov may pick up Sam, prompting the player to rapidly move their thumbstick to break free and smash the Romanov back.

Romanov-Gs are walking heavy weapons platforms and have dual chaingun arms and two additional rocket launchers attached to their shoulders as well as additional ammunition storage attached to their backs. They can also move to launch very large tracking missiles that can follow targets around obstacles. Pre-mature detonation of said missiles can result in severe damage.