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A Romanov-N.

Romanovs are advanced heavy robots that usually appear alongside Gorgies. What they lack in maneuverability and quantity, they make up for with armour and firepower.

Overview Edit

Romanovs stand nearly twice Sam's height. Throughout the game they come in four different forms, with each their own armaments. All Romanovs are equipped with an instant-kill chest blaster that fires a large orb of energy in a manner similar to Sam's LFE Gun.

Shooting a Romanov's head or limbs will damage it, but it can still function without them.

Sam kicks a Romanov-N after it grabs him.

Types Edit

Romanov-N Edit

Romanov-Ns are the first introduced in the campaign, making their debut in Act 1-3. They are equipped with spike-laden armour, a large claw on the left arm, and a rocket launcher on the right. They also have a sweeping eye-laser attack like that of the Chicane. Its weak spot is a red core on its upper back; shooting it will kill the Romanov-N faster.

Romanov-G Edit

Romanov-Gs are walking heavy weapons platforms that first appear in Act 1-7. A Gatling gun is attached to each of their arms, with two dual rocket launchers attached to their shoulders as well as additional ammunition storage attached to their backs. Unlike with the other Romanovs, its weak spot isn't always present. Sometimes, it will bend over forward and launch a massive missile from the large launcher on its back. This missile homes in on Sam and can instantly kill him, but it moves very slowly and has an accompanying alarm. If the player is quick enough and the missile is still next to the Romanov-G, shooting the missile will kill it in one hit.

Romanov-F Edit

Romanov-Fs, first seen in Act 2-6, have a spiked club on their left arm and a flamethrower attached to their right, with the fuel carried on their backs in two large tanks. These fuel tanks are the Romanov-F's weak spot. Shooting either of them enough times will cause them to explode, blowing the Romanov-F apart.

Romanov-D Edit

Romanov-Ds, introduced in Act 3-1, have added armor and two drill arms. They are the strongest and most mobile, but their only weapons are two drills attached to their arms. Sometimes, the Romanov-D will launch its drill heads at enemies, like rockets, before they are replaced with another pair. They can drill into nearly any surface to tunnel underground before reappearing behind the enemy. Despite its armour, the Romanov-D still has an open weak spot in the form of a red core (much like with the Romanov-N).