Professor Francois Candide
Francois Candide
Francois, as he appears in Vanquish.
In-Game Information
Full name: Francois Candide[1]
Alias/es Professor
Affiliations: DARPA, USA[1]
Occupation: Chief Researcher at DARPA[1]
Nationality: Unknown
Misc. Information
Gender: Male
Age: 49[1]
Current status: Deceased
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by: Benito Martinez
Appears in: Vanquish

Professor Francois Candide is one of the main characters of Vanquish. He is voiced by Benito Martinez.[1]

As chief researcher of DARPA, Candide originally proposed the idea of the space colony, as well as the design for the new energy system, later weaponized by the Russian Star[1].Feeling responsible for the annihilation of San Francisco, Candide takes it upon himself to shut down the energy system personally. Before leaving, he left Sam Gideon a message, warning him about a mole working from the inside of the government.[1]

Candide collects data on the Augmented Reaction Suit, while Sam's testing it out.


  • Stay sharp, Sam.
  • Sam! Where are the Marines?!
  • Thank god! I stopped it in time!


  • Candide was featured in the demo of Vanquish.

Notes and referencesEdit

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