Kreon 1

A Kreon

The Kreon is a giant robotic platform fought in Vanquish. Named after the ancient king of Thebes in Greek Mythology, the dreadnought-class ship was developed to exert superiority thanks to its incredible firepower, and the wide variety of aircrafts it can deploy.


Kreon's energy turrets

The Kreon fires a very powerful beam weapon which causes instant death, this should be avoided at all costs by utilising the dodging mechanic. It is also filled with enemy AI robots which can shoot at you through parts of the ship that open at intervals along its length. Additionally the underside of the Kreon is lined with mounted machine guns and rocket launchers which adds to the complexity of the assault. The Kreon does have a weakness point under each foot which is required to be dissabled to prevent it's movement. The foot does not rise enough to use the rocket launcher effectively against it nor the lock on laser so the best bet is one of the assault rifles. Note however that the foot thruster can set you on fire if you are too close.

Kreon 2

Kreon's fortress form

The Kreon is powered by a plasma like source located in the core of the ship. This energy is passed up through the centre of the ship and is then linked to the ship by large cables which are located on the top of the Kreon. According to Elena, the energy to power the Kreon is strong enough to atomize the ARS suit. These cables can be removed simply by pressing the cover/open crate/activate button.


Kreon's Achilles's Heel, The Power Cable that connects to the main laser cannon. Removing its will cause the reverse of the energy transmission causing the destruction of the Kreon.

The Kreon is largest enemy in the game.

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