Kreon 1

The Kreon, as seen in Act 3-2.

The Kreon is a giant robotic platform fought in Vanquish. Named after the ancient king of Thebes in Greek Mythology, the dreadnought-class ship was developed to exert superiority thanks to its incredible firepower, and the wide variety of RIs it can deploy.

Arsenal Edit


The Kreon's energy turrets.

The Kreon has a large-radius instant-kill laser (much like that on the Argus' chest in its bipedal form). It is also filled with enemy RIs that attack through parts of the ship that open at intervals along its length. Additionally, the underside of the Kreon is lined with mounted machine guns and rocket launchers, which add to the complexity of the assault. The Kreon does have a weak point under each foot, in the form of a thruster nozzle, which needs to be disabled to stop it in Act 3-5.

Core Edit

Kreon 2

The Kreon in its six-legged walker configuration.

The Kreon is powered by what appears to be a particle accelerator located in the core of the ship. This energy is routed through the centre, where it is linked to the Kreon's exterior by large cables which are located on the top of the ship. According to Elena, the energy cycling within the accelerator is strong enough to atomize the ARS and its user.


The Kreon's Achilles heel, a large power cable that connects to the main laser cannon. Severing it will reverse the energy transmission, causing the destruction of the Kreon.

The Kreon is the largest enemy in the game.

Strategy Edit

  • The foot does not rise enough to use the Lock-On Laser effectively, so it is not recommended for that task. Note, however, that the foot thruster can set Sam on fire if you get too close, while the claws can also crush you.
  • When making your way to the hole in the Kreon's exterior, it isn't necessary to kill all of the enemy RIs, but keep in mind that the closer you get to the hole, the more vulnerable Sam is as the ARS overheats.
  • After you reach the top where the main power cable is, staying to the side of the cover between the cable and the elevator eliminates any risk of Gorgies shooting at you.