Vanquish weaponmax 002

The Heavy Machine Gun is one of the many BLADE modes the ARScan use. It appears with a red outline and a red tint in the game, and is one of the easier weapons to upgrade due to being more common. It starts out in Sam's arsenal from Act 1. It is more powerful than the Assault Rifle but less accurate, thus it is better to use at close range or against bigger enemies. While full upgraded, it gets an upgraded scope, a longer barrel and a wider magazine. An overall versatile medium/ close range weapon but often times requires more precision/ EMP emmiter to achieve the utmost result. An excellent weapon to destroy boss type enemy subparts; Argus legs, machine gun, pulse cannon.


Field Rating Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5 Lvl 6 Lvl 7 Lvl 8 Lvl 9 Lvl 10
Rounds 200 240 280 280 320 320 360 360 400 400 400
Magazine Capacity 30 30 30 36 36 36 36 45 45 45 45
Power D D D D D C C C C C B
Range D D D D D D D D D D D
Rate of Fire C C C C C C C C C C C
Accuracy C C C C C C C C C C C
Scatter B B B B B B B B B A A

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