The main frontline troops of the Order of the Russian Star, Gorgies are cyclopean soldier robots that are comparable to Marines in their combat techniques.

The Gorgies make up the majority of the Russian Star's army presence on the Providence station.

Tactics Edit

Sometimes, when one or both legs are destroyed but the robot is still working, they will begin to overcharge themselves and race towards Sam or a Marine in an explosive kamikaze attack.

Gorgie-USNs and USRs can also use grenades.

Types Edit

  • Gorgie-USNs are the most common ones. They have pale red body plating and generally carry assault rifles or the occasional rocket launcher. Given their high numbers, most turrets, transports and MOAs are operated by USNs. The USN's eye camera is usually blue, but turns red when engaged in combat.
  • Gorgie-USGs serve as attack troopers, wearing blue armour plating and a jump pack, granting them the ability to fly in short bursts or use the thrusters for faster ground movement (much like the boost function in Sam's ARS). They are equipped with shotguns.
  • The golden Gorgie-USRs serve as squad leaders and are the most heavily armoured. They also possess a more powerful loadout.
  • The rarest of the Gorgie variants, Gorgie-USSs are essentially snipers with sniper rifles. They are plated in green and are just as weak as the standard USNs.

Trivia Edit


Gorgie-USNs dancing in the upper level of the Kreon.

In Act 3-7, Sam enters a room in the Kreon where a group of four Gorgie-USNs are dancing to upbeat music. This suggests that Gorgies are either sentient to some degree, or are remotely controlled by humans who decided to take a break from battle. Upon seeing Sam, however, they will return to normal behaviour and engage him.