The main frontline troops of the Order of the Russian Star, Gorgies are bright red robots with glowing blue eyes (that change to red when alerted) that are comparable to marines in their combat tactics. Sometimes, when one or both legs are destroyed but the robot is still working, they will begin to overcharge themselves and race towards the enemy in an explosive kamikaze attack. The gorgies make up the majority of the Order of the Russian Star army presence on the Providence station.

Types: Gorgie-USN are the bright red ones with a glowing single blue eye-like camera, generally holding assault rifles or shotguns and the like as well as the occasional rocket launcher. They are equipped with grenades that charge up with a glow and a noise before exploding. Given their high numbers most turrets(flying and non), transports and MOAs have Gorgies using them as the pilots.

The USR model is the golden with a red eye has more armor and usually functions as the squad leader along with carting around heavier weaponry. It also uses Frag Grenades.

The USG model has blue plating and a red eye along with thrusters allowing for flight and enhanced mobility along the ground. It is also armed exclusively with a powerful shotgun, and their tactics basically involve racing towards the enemy and then encircling them while blasting away at close range.

The USS model is some green and is optimized for sniping.


A group Gorgie is shown dancing in the upper level of the Kreon

The Gorgie also possesses some level of sentience since some of them is shown dancing with the music and having fun in the Kreon's upper level. However, they will stop their activities and attack Sam if they see him or hear him.