Elizabeth Winters

A photo of Elizabeth Winters.

"This is the end of my Presidency."

Elizabeth Winters was the President of the United States in Vanquish. In the start of the game, it is said that she became the first woman president of America. There is also a part where it says that she was romantically involved with Robert Burns.

In VanquishEdit

She is the president of the US when the Order of the Russian Star used the space colony Providence to use its massive power stored to destroy San Francisco, threatening that if the US doesn't give its complete surrender, they will destroy New York. The US sends marines to the Russian captured space colony in response to their threats. Later it is shown that the Russian extremists and Elizabeth are working together. The Order of the Russian Star tells Elizabeth that their "Alliance" has ended, consequently she tells Robert Burns to point Providence's laser toward Moscow. she commits suicide after the destruction of Providence.


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