The Bogey is a red battlesuit that belongs to Victor Zaitsev. It is basically the ARS, but with wings and other add-ons. Its colour is similar to the standard Gorgie-USN.

Features and abilities Edit

The Bogey is able to easily match Sam's ARS Suit in terms of speed. Its armor is incredibly durable, withstanding heavy amounts of gunfire and even an RPG. Its primary means of locomotion is flight, using the propulsors built into the wings, back and legs. The Bogey can fly with great speed and agility, turning on a dime while dodging bullets and being able to hover in midair. It also possesses superhuman strength, knocking Sam back several feet during their first fight.

Although its build and voice are identical to Zaitsev's, it is actually discovered to be an R.I. under direct control of him. In Act 5, he even controls two at the same time.

The Bogey is equipped with the following armaments:

  • Rifle: Its main weapon is a multipurpose rifle. It can fire a rapid hail of laser bolts when using hit and run tactics, but can also charge it up for a few seconds to unleash an immense laser beam. The rifle can finally transform into an energized sword for melee combat.
  • Cluster grenades: During battles, the Bogey can launch grenade pods into the air. Once in midair, they disperse into dozens of grenades that then cover the area in explosions.
  • Lock-on laser: the Bogey's large wing pods open up to reveal large launchers that release a hail of missile-like energy bolts that home in on the target, much like Sam's Lock-On Laser.
  • Nuclear warhead: as a final resort, Zaitsev planted a tactical nuke inside both Bogeys. After their final battle with Sam, he armed them and ended up destroying Providence.


  • Bogey is military jargon for an unidentified aircraft.

The Bogey as it steps out of the dropship in Act 1-8.