The KNRB-0 Argus robot is a Russian-designed mobile weapons platform that is featured in the Vanquish demo. You face this boss a total of four times. According to Elena Ivanova, it utilizes a monocoque design, sacrificing armor for payload capacity, which creates many weak points.

Walker 1

Argus's first form


Argus's second form

It also has the ability to transform into a stronger bipedal form. The major weakness of both forms is its red, spherical core. Destroying the core will in turn destroy the Argus itself.

The Argus robot seems to be highly sought-after, as it is the center of an arms control debate.

  • An achievement, Piece by Piece, is awarded for this boss battle if you destroy the Argus's arms, head and back in its bipedal form. It is recommended that you destroy the arms first, then the back and then the head. This is because if you damage the head first, after reaching a certain point of low health, Sam will (after a quicktime) destroy the head, negating the achievement.

Features Edit

The Argus is equipped with a vast amount of destructive armaments which include:

  • Machine guns: in its quadrupedal form, it has machine gun turrets on each side of its "head".
  • Laser cannon: also used only in its quadrupedal form. It can fire a large yellow laser blast from the cannon on its "head". It first used this to blast its way through the floor in Act 1-3.
  • Swarm missiles: used in its quadrupedal and bipedal forms. The Argus fires clusters of small homing missiles to bombard their target with.
  • Rockets: The Argus can fire larger rockets from each side of its torso and from its forearms in its humanoid configuration.
  • Large-radius laser: A beam fired from the robot's chest in its bipedal form. It incinerates anything caught in its path and lasts for a few seconds, so it is recommended that you boost away when it starts to charge.
  • Electrical arcs: whenever the Argus core is exposed in its bipedal form, it releases arcs of electricity that can damage and overheat Sam's Augmented Reaction Suit.

Additionally, the Argus uses its enormous size to its advantage. In its quadrupedal form, it attacks Sam with a rapid succession of strikes from two of its legs in Act 2-3.

As mentioned before, however, the lack of armour creates weak points at each of the Argus's limb joints, which Sam must destroy to disable its movement for a moment (and expose the core in the Argus's bipedal form).